About Us

Code4GoodPBC was an event created by Quantum Foundation to benefit non profits in Palm Beach County.

Why is Quantum Foundation maintaining the Code4GoodPBC brand?

We live in a world driven by technology and technological advancements. Often, philanthropy lags behind these trends. At Quantum Foundation, we want to embrace the real good that technology can bring. We want to be at the forefront of this new entrepreneurial spirt that could mean sweeping change for philanthropy.

We need to incorporate technological solutions when addressing social problems, not just financial ones. We’re asking ourselves: Instead of just injecting cash, could we also inject know-how or a tech solution into what we offer local nonprofits?

As a grantmaking organization, we’re connected to the community. We’ve been making grants to better the health of all the people of Palm Beach County for 17 years now. During that time we’ve invested over $115 million and worked with more than 450 organizations. We believe part of our role is assisting those organizations be the best they can be, so they can offer the community the quality services it needs.

So, if there’s an opportunity for technology to assist in making local philanthropy better, you’ll hear about it here.