Tackling Serious Issues

Mental HealthcareQuantum Foundation, the county’s largest health funder aims to tackle hunger and health care issues.

Join technology enthusiasts and experts as they come together at the Code4GoodPBC hackathon to benefit underserved communities by providing health solutions for local non-profit organizations.

Hacking for Social Good

The purpose of the hackathon is to bring together software engineers, creatives, and developers to create technology solutions for non-profit organizations working to do good in the county. The event is free but prospective participants must register online.

Five non-profits have been selected to participate and the hosts aim to bring value to these organizations by creatively tackling their issues like battling hunger, providing access to healthcare, activating volunteer resources, and streamlining operations.

“Often nonprofits are doing amazing work on shoestring budgets, A tech-based solution might eliminate a problem or issue they face every day but they simply could never afford to develop that solution. We’re here to connect those nonprofits, which have identifiable problems to the very people who can solve them, and we can fund the development of that relationship. It’s a fresh, innovative way for a private grant-making organization to be a bridge between entrepreneurial, socially-conscious businesses and nonprofits.”  says Eric M. Kelly, the president of Quantum Foundation.

At the hackathon, teams of 3-5 participants will be challenged to come together to complete a prototype and present the summation of their work to a respected panel of experts comprised of scientists, engineers, and non-profit advisors on March 29, 2015. The judges will decide on the top concept and the winning teams will be awarded cash prizes. First prize is $5,000; second prize is $3,000 and third prize is $2,000.